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Publishing Services

We offer full service distribution and management services for artists with works related to the fraternity.


-You must be the original artist of the works
-You must own exclusive rights to the works
-You must have a digital copy available for upload

How does it work?

1) Send us a proof copy of your original works
2) We list and promote your works across our network
3) We pay you $1-$5 royalties for every piece sold

You start by sending us a low resolution sample for us to review. If approved, you will be sent a copy of the listing agreement, a license royalties schedule and further instructions on how to get a high resolution proof image to us. Licensing royalties pay you from $1-$5 per print depending on various factors. Licensing royalties are paid to you for 100 years and you may assign them as you see fit.
To speak to someone about publishing please call 1-800-357-6502 or email

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