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Certificates, Patents & Records

These beautiful works of art can all be filled in with your particular masonic records.


Educational Charts

Similar to tracing boards, educational charts assist in expressing the symbology of a degree or degrees.

Original Posters



Private Collections

Do you have a collection of masonic artworks that you personally created? Contact us to have them showcased in our world wide gallery of masonic artwork.

Tracing Boards

Tracing Boards

Tracing boards are used primarily in lodges from an English constitution. They help the presenting officer explain the working tools and symbology of the degrees.


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I received my ring today. It is absolutely beautiful, and is well worth the slight delay I had in receiving it. Thank you so much! I will wear it proudly, and tell all brothers who ask, what an upright quality company you are. Thank you again.


Michael” Brother Michael, Lawrenceville, GA

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