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The Bottle of Masonry Print

Catalog #361016
Some Masons say, 'It is time for the new.
The old bottle of Masonry simply won't do!'
The youth gasp for flavour that's fresh to the bud,
Not something they spit back into the jug.

So, is it out with the old and in with the new?
Is replacing the bottle the right thing to do?
Do we cork the fluid that stood the test of time?
And pour out a new brand of Masonic Wine.

I have seen the dissatisfied look on their face.
Many taste - but only a few will embrace
Is this proof that the ancient bottle we all share
Has lost all its addictive flavour and flair

No, Brethren! The bottle was a gift from the start,
Its contents designed to re-kindle the heart.
All ingredients were plucked from the Garden Divine,
So the fruits within cannot spoil with time.

The problem dwells in the way that we serve.
Are we not Stewards, told to observe?
We are saving our youth a diluted wine,
The goodness is the sediment, built up with time.

Brethren, let's not cast out our bottle in haste.
Stewards, shake it well, to bring back the taste.
Once shaken, its true flavour will nourish and satisfy.
Once tasted, the demand for more will amplify!

By Robert E Main

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The Bottle of Masonry Print





robert e main

made in the usa

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